Improving your energy efficiency through energy consultation and...

  • Designing and installing energy efficient and renewable energy upgrade solutions properly sized and evaluating whatcan be repaired and what needs to be replaced
  • Adapting to unique requirements relating to building design, use or age
  • Calculating energy and operational savings
  • Incorporating Sustainability initiatives
  • Using existing programs such as utility rebates, PACE and QECB to achieve positive cash flows that will help get your       project internally approved
  • Narrowing the costly gap between project design and implementation
  • Shortening the time to completion, savings and positive cash flow
  • Determining if a performance guarantee may be required or beneficial for your project
  • ​Consulting with owners and with subcontractors to calculate energy savings
  • ​Demystify the terms of energy guarantees
  • ​Provide ongoing support to ensure savings are being achieved and to continue to identify incremental savings

Occupant Care’s energy engineers have the credentials and experience to help you design an ideal and fully justified building upgrade.    

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As buildings begin to age and equipment becomes obsolete or fails, building owners frequently struggle to allocate the capital needed for necessary upgrades.  How do you justify the significant upfront investment?

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Optimizing building environments for occupant comfort, improved energy efficiency, and reduced carbon footprint.


With so much new technology available, how do you upgrade your building optimally and calculate deliverable energy savings? And, how do you justify and fund the capital investment? Is it possible to achieve positive cash flow?